Confidentiality Policy


Confidentiality statement:

All information on children and families is kept securely and treated in confidence. Information will only be shared if the parents/carers/co-workers gives their permission or there appears to be a child protection issue. All details will be kept confidential and records are kept secure. The details are easily accessible if any information is required for inspection by Ofsted.

Confidentiality Procedure

All parents receive (and have access to) a copy of my policies and procedures, which details how I run my setting.

Parents have the right to inspect all records about their child at any time.

My certificate of registration is displayed and available to all parents.

I am aware of my responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000. All personal data I collect shall be relevant, adequate and not excessive in relation to the purpose for which it has been collected; all personal data shall be accurate and kept up to date; personal data shall not be kept longer than necessary and will be destroyed as appropriate; all data will be processed in accordance with the rights of the data subjects under this Act and I will ensure measures are taken to prevent unlawful access and processing of personal data and against the accidental loss of personal data.

Childminders are required to register with The Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO) under the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, if they keep any of the following information:

  1. Children’s records on a computer.

  2. Digital photographs on a camera or any other digital device such as a mobile phone or any visual/ audio equipment.


To be compliant with these requirements I will:

  • Renew ICO registration annually, and make the certificate available to parents and/or carers

  • Ensure any digital device, mobile and/or computer has restricted access and is protected by the use of a password or pin number.

  • Keep confidential information, such as contracts, parental NI number, parent personal information, child records and medical treatment filed away in a locked cabinet.

  • Enable a regular two-way flow of information with parents and/or carers, and with other early year’s providers, is a child is attending more than one setting. (3.68)

  • Seek parental written permission to obtain or share information from other providers, Health Visitor, Early Years Team relating to their child.

  • Ask the parents and/or carers to share a written summary of their child’s 2 year progress check provided by me with the Health Visitor or Community Nursery Nurse to inform me the Healthy Child Review Programme.

  • Enable parents and/or carers to inspect all records about their child at any time, provided that no relevant exemptions apply under the General Data Protections Regulation 2018.

  • Obtain parents and/or carers consent to share information directly with other relevant professionals for example: Health Visitor, Early Years Team, and other childcare providers.

I expect parents to keep private and confidential any sensitive information they may accidentally learn about my family, setting or the other children and families attending, unless it is a child protection issue.

I record all accidents in an accident book. I will notify PACEY of all accidents which may result in an insurance claim, e.g. an accident involving a doctor or hospital visit.

I will inform Ofsted, the local child protection agency and the Health and Safety Executive of any significant injuries, accidents or deaths as soon as possible.

All incidents are recorded in an incident book and will be shared and discussed with parents/careers so that together we can work to resolve any issues.

I maintain a record of parents’ and/or emergency contact details, the contact details of the child’s GP and appropriate signed consent forms.

All information shared will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed without parents’ consent except as required by law, for example, if there appears to be a child protection issue. Please see my Safeguarding Children Policy.

I expect parents to inform me of any changes in the child’s home circumstances, care arrangements or any other change which may affect the child’s behaviour such as a new baby, parents’ separation, divorce, new partner or any bereavement.

Ofsted may require to see records at any time.