Fire Policy


I have carried out a risk assessment of my setting and being mindful of points below, I believe I have an adequate escape from any room in the house. External exit doors are the primary route of escape, with clear routes of escape maintained free of clutter and toys. Any window keys are held at each window, in a high position so they cannot be removed by children. There are 2 smoke detectors in the house and a fire blanket in the kitchen.



  • Smoke detector batteries are checked once a week (and as part of a fire drill with the children) by activating the test button, I will keep a record of when I have tested the alarms and any actions taken

  • Making sure I keep a log of:

    • The date of the drill

    • Names of the children in attendance

    • Time taken to evacuate

    • Issues which slowed down the evacuation

    • Action to be taken

    • Date action completed

  • A no smoking policy is in place.

  • Sources of ignition such as matches are stored out of reach.

  • No candles are used during setting hours.

  • Cooking is kept to a minimum during setting hours, using a ‘common sense’ approach to potential sources of ignition such as the cooker and the toaster.

  • Sockets are never overloaded. A suitable multi adaptor is used.

  • Vigilance is maintained at all times.



  • The children and I practice fire drills at least once a term. My procedure in an event of an emergency is as follows:

    • In the event of a fire, I will calmly gather the children together by telling the children to stop what they are doing and to come to me and we will make our exit via the identified fire exit route.

    • I will ask the children to listen very carefully to my instructions.

    • I will ensure the younger children are carried to safety.

    • The children will not collect their belongings.

    • When we are safely out of the building, I will check the register and carry out a head count of th4 children in my care.

    • I will ring 999 using my mobile phone.

    • I will ensure my mobile phone is fully charged at all times, and has telephone contact details of all the parents and/or carers of the children in my care.

    • Parents and/or carers will be informed as soon as possible.

    • We will not re-enter the building for any reason until advised by the Fire Service that it is safe to do so.