Late/Uncollected Child Policy


It is so important that any parent/carer, who is to collect the child should realise just how important it is that they are not late in collecting their child.

At no times should I be in breach of my legal requirements for ratio of child to adult.

Parents should advise me no later than 20 minutes before their due collection time if they are to be late. If appropriate the parents of the child due to come into the setting, will be contacted and delayed by the relevant time, if at all possible.

If a parent has not contacted me, to advise they will be late, but fail to collect their child at the designated time, I will try calling the parent’s contact numbers. Then I will try the emergency contact numbers.

During this time, I will continue to look after the child safely.

I will continue to try to contact the parents on their contact and emergency contact numbers but after 30 minutes from the original agreed collection time, I will then tell the local authority duty worker.

If in exceptional circumstances I do exceed my ratio temporarily, I will contact Ofsted immediately and follow instruction.

Details of late collection will be recorded daily, and if necessary discussed with the parents if it is regularly becoming an untenable situation. An incident report will be completed for late collection.

Additional time the child stays in the setting will be charged as £2 per 15 minutes past their collection time, this will be rounded up to the nearest 15 minute.