Pet Policy



I have a small dog (jack-a-poo) called Max. He will be at home during childminding hours.


I believe that children can learn a lot from having contact with animals; however certain procedures must be followed to ensure the safety of the children.



  • Max will spend most of his time in a separate part of the house to the children. He will be let out into the garden during the day and any foul will be cleaned immediately, I will also check the garden every morning and clean any fouls up.

  • Children who make contact with Max will be taught to treat him with respect and to be gentle with him; they will always wash their hands after touching him.

  • The children will be taught that not all animals are friendly and they must ask before touching/stroking any animal

  • Max’s food will be stored out of reach of the children

  • Max’s food and water bowl will be in a room that is not used for childminding